Studio Novi offers an array of Internet and new media marketing tools and services to drive direct and channel sales to your business. First you must get customers to your site. Then you must get them to where they need to be on your site. Finally, you must close the deal in terms the site's purpose, e.g. inform, promote, sell, etc. At Studio Novi we use the 7 Ps of marketing. These are Product (what you're selling), Price (at what cost), Promotion (the ways you tell your customers), Placement (where you sell), Packaging (presentation or first impression), Positioning (Branding versus competitors), and People (inside and outside) of your business, or who is your target audience, how are they segmented and who in your organization is responsible for selling to them.


Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn management are essential to your business. We can help you to develop effective and engaging content for your business's social media pages.


The success of your business in the 21st century means getting out your message in new and interactive ways, such as through blogging and vlogging. We can help you to develop relevant and interesting blog content that reaches a targeted audience.


Get people talking about your brand with a custom online forum that allows an audience to interact with each other. Online surveys are also great. People will tell you what they want and then you can deliver.


Studio Novi offers all the Internet marketing tools needed to promote the profile of your brand. Social media management, content development, professional blogging services, email blasts, and more. Ask us about it today.