Exposure! Each business needs exposure. It's not just enough to have a great product. One must also tell everybody about this great product or promote it! This is where Email Marketing comes in as an effective promotional tool. Send promotions, reminders, news letters - anything you want with a single click of a mouse! This technology is critical in an ever accelerating technolgy driven culture. However, Mass Mailing Companies charge exuberant prices. On the other hand, we've decided to change all that, making email marketing both effective and affordable.


At the front end of a Mass Mailing stands our Cloud App that actually allows you to create email campaigns with ease. You simply drop editable blocks, you change colors, you type - and you are done! Just wait for the 'opens', 'reads' and 'clicks' to determine what works and what does not, then reinforce what works of success.


At the heart of our Mass Mailing are the most robust servers in the industry, capable of simultaneously sending millions of emails! All our servers are custom built using the best components on the market. We test and build for maximum hardware compatibility. Then we place them on our GIG-E network that is 100% Cisco powered.


At the back end of our Mass Mailer we have statistical data analysis that shows you how successful your campaign really was! Like we said above - Just wait for the 'opens', 'reads' and 'clicks' to determine what works and what doesnt then reinforce what does work in terms of your critical success factors.


Let get straight to the point! We are affordable. And here are the prices:

Emails: 0-500 Price: $10.00/months
Emails: 501-2,500 Price: $15.00/months
Emails: 2,501-5,000 Price: $25.00/months
Emails: 5,001-10,000 Price: $40.00/months
Emails: 10,000 Price: Contact Us