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This is how editing works on our CMS: (1) You open your website in editing mode, (2) You click and type in the site itself, editing text, images, colors, fonts just like a word proceesor. (3) You save your work. That's it! There is no some mysterious special place to go and type in some dull, non descriptive box or code modifcation. You literally see everything you do, right on the website itself!


You have a total control over the images and galleries on your site. Upload, click, save and you are done! Its just like saving images to the web using your desktop.


Our CMS allows the creation of page templates that can easily be reused over and over again. For example, you might want to create a special Thanksgiving home page and use each year when Thanksgiving comes around. With our CMS you can create templates with unprecedented ease.


Our custom-built web and cloud app solutions give you the edge you need to navigate today's cut-throat marketplace. Studio Novi products reflect sophistication and quality. We give you the tools you need to have control over the products and services you purchase from us. We are proud to offer a suite of competitive, world-class, affordable products and services built for your success, We are an American company.