Brand everything under your own name. Stop setting up hosting accounts for your customers through some third party hosting companies. Instead do it under your own brand. customize cPanel, webmail, and other hosting applications to display your brand. After all, your customers will use them and so see it! Elevate yourself beyond your completion while acquiring additional streams of revenue.


Allow your customers to register domains under your brand and so stand out from the crowd of other tech companies while generating even more revenue.


Put your brand on all hosting applications such as cPanel and Web Mail. Make a statement about your company.


Build on our programming experience. Take all our cloud apps and incorporate them all under your own brand.

Who We Are

We are Studio Novi. We envision, create, and maintain. We are programmers, developers, and designers. We maintain state of the art server facilities. We are a one-stop for all your tech needs. Our clients are located nationwide: they are small businesses, startups, and enterprises. We believe in quality work, timely response, and establishing a true partnership with our clients. Join Us!