We are developers. Hence, we are comfortable working closely with developers and keeping up with the highly-competitive world of tech. Many of the outside developers we work closely with have become Studio Novi resellers. We provide them with reliable servers, innovative prouducts, helpful consultation, and project direction. Many of them have found it more affordable and easier to use our cloud apps as a platform to launch their own development and hosting firms. Let's be straightfoward here. You need servers that are robust, functional and properly maintained. You also need to have an easy way to communicate with us when there is a problem! After all, you have your own clients and are answering to them.


Small businesses must have functional and appealing websites. All Studio Novi websites are display responsive and fully editable while being affordable. Our prices leave our competitions' behind and provide our clients with the margins to thrive. We have created a business model that positions our advanced programming team to develop rapid and efficient solutions.

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Are you looking for a programming team that can help you develop a large scale application? Are you looking to supplement your existing team of programmers? Are you looking for tech consulting? You came to the right place. We program, evaluate, and consult. Talk to us and you might be surprised by how much you receive at very affordable pricing.


Startups need help as well. We work with startups and encourage all our re-sellers work with them as well. Talk to us. We will work with you to come up with a business model and budget that works for both you and your Startups as well as us.

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Would you like to earn a one time as well as recurring commission on all business referred to us? Would you like to start your own recruiting agency? We work with large enterprises and can assure you that our cost for programmers is much less than the rest of the industry. We produce twice as much withe respect to quality development and pay comissions quite often three times than what you make now! Contact us today.