Access your email from anywhere, anytime using any device. We give you an array of email apps to choose from. Choose one or choose all of the them at the same time! It makes no difference because the apps are in full sync! You can go with RoundCube Mail today and with ease switch to Horde Email tomorrow without loosing a single email!


Running entirely from the server, our web mail apps are fast, easy to use, and reliable! Our mail applicatoins run on dedicated servers, VPS and cloud hosting.


YES! regardless of weather your particular domain has an SSL protection or not, the web mail is always protected with a Secure Socket Layer Encryption (SSL). We even have offering that not only encrypt the channel (SSL) but also encrypt the data itself or file encryption. Talk about secure! In some cases we even provide VPN access.


We regularly scan our mail servers for vulnerabilities to make sure all our clients are protected at all times. Part of our job is to continuously monitor our network for intrusion, malware and other potential exploits. Keeping up with the lates patches is critical.


Our custom-built web and cloud app solutions give you the edge you need to navigate today's cut-throat marketplace. Studio Novi products reflect sophistication and quality. We give you the tools you need to have control over the products and services you purchase from us. We are proud to offer a suite of competitive, world-class, affordable products and services built for your success, We are an American company.