We are developers. Hence, we are comfortable working closely with developers and keeping up with the highly-competitive world of tech. Many of the outside developers we work closely with have become Studio Novi resellers. We provide them with reliable servers, innovative prouducts, helpful consultation, and project direction. Many of them have found it more affordable and easier to use our cloud apps as a platform to launch their own development and hosting firms. Let's be straightfoward here. You need servers that are robust, functional and properly maintained. You also need to have an easy way to communicate with us when there is a problem! After all, you have your own clients and are answering to them.


Start by get a server with us. We can help you select the solution right for you. Then create shared hosting on it. Start selling it to your web clients. Our $99/month server can easilly support in excess of 100 sites! If you charge $10/month for shared hosting, then you will end up making $1,000/month.


Develop on your server. Build websites and applications. Do what you are best at! And at the same time, be your own web host by private labeling our services. Create crisp new revenue streams while demonstrating to your clients that you control and manage your own servers.


Do you want us to completely support your server(s)? Support that would basically allow you to do nothing at all when it comes to server maintenance. We offer full managed support that will free you from any server maintenance so you can develop and maintain your client relationships with us as you're backend IT department.


We have the servers. We maintain the servers. Our servers are powerful and scalable. They are state-of-the-art. We can provide you with a turnkey solution to include developing for you on our hardware.